Computer and Design Training

The mission of the Phoebe School Center for Technology is to bridge the digital divide that exists in low-income neighborhoods and to provide a safe learning environment for children and adults alike. The availability of the Phoebe School Center for Technology gives the community a chance to enhance their computer skills, their résumé’s and to enrich their lives.

The Phoebe School Center is available for the members of the community who utilise technology for leisure and educational purposes.  In order to use the lab, adults and children must complete a program registration form.  Everyone is required to review the rules and regulations.  Individuals interested in becoming a registered user must provide the program staff with two passport photos to create an identification card.  Once, the registration form is processed, identification cards for the applicant are provided.

Individuals interested in taking basic or intermediate courses can contact the Phoebe School Technology Coordinator via or Telephone 080 3302 0744


Learn how new IT skills can transform your career

Why Phoebe School?

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You can download all the necessary documentation here to make an application for your child to come to Phoebe International School.

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