PLAYSCHEME - Winchester

Play For The Young and The Young At Heart!

The intergenerational playscheme is a unique holiday club where the young and the young at heart join together for an afternoon of important social interaction.

The Phoebe School playscheme is an opportunity for children and senior citizens to engage in childhood activities together, create opportunities for children to further develop their skills, parents to create a local peer support network and provide isolated residents vital community interaction.

Research suggests that intergenerational playschemes improve outcomes and quality of life for older, particularly those experiencing isolation/loneliness, dementia or disengagement from the community.

Parents and individuals interested in taking part in the programme can contact the Phoebe School UK playscheme co-ordinator via or Telephone 075 7031 0828

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Children 8 - 11 years old and Senior Citizens (over 55 years old)

Daily Cost

Introductory offer £20.00 per Child

£3 donation per Senior Citizen

A one-off £20 registration fee per child applies.

Discounts available

August Offer - No registration fee


10th July - 1st September, Monday - Friday


Child: 9:00AM - 4:00PM. Bring own healthy packed lunch.

Senior Citizen: 1:00PM - 4:00PM. Small refreshments provided.


The Log Cabin, Stockbridge Road, Winchester SO22 6RH

The Setting

  • All staff are DBS Enhanced checked
  • Local education board registered
  • Currently going through an OFSTED registration
  • Adequate policies and procedures in place


  • Large enclosed green space
  • Fully functional kitchen with all appliances
  • Disabled access and toilets
  • Mini adventure play area for den building

What types of play

We aim to enable children to develop:

  • Board games - they are great for every age and ability, as they give everyone a fair chance of winning!
  • Arts and crafts
  • Puzzles*
  • Construction sets*
  • Drawing*
  • Dolls and soft toys - wonderful for creating make believe worlds
  • Model toys - helps promote physical skills and co-ordination
  • Musical toys - can easily be enjoyed by everyone and promotes co-ordination
  • Science kits - great for everyone to learn something new and encourages attention to detail!
  • Story-telling - a great way for children and adults to bond, as well as finding out more about each other e.g. what you used to do when you were the child's age.
  • Fun sports

*Encourage imagination, and a sense of achievement

At Phoebe School we make every effort to provide accurate information to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication. We recommend confirming cost, times, dates and details directly before making any plans as details may be subject to change.


play for the young and the young at heart

Why Phoebe School?

We believe in giving the best to your child in a comfortable environment.


You can download all the necessary documentation here to make an application to come to Phoebe School playscheme.

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